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Just got back to India from an excellent trip conducted by Konstantin, Fillip, Nikolai, Karina, and Plamen. Had an amazing time and learned almost everything what Bulgaria has to offer. FYI our driver was too sweet!! Thanks again! SOURCE:
Akash Aditya Deo
I didn't have the chance to be present in 2018 Bulgarian Professional Study tour, but I've met the organizers in person and I had the chance to meet the participants of this your. Everybody loved it. I've also been to Enio Bonchev distillery to learn about the roses. This is a specific tour for aromatherapists. Congratulations to the organizers. I hope I have the chance to go in 2019 tour. SOURCE:
Natalie Andreoli
This study tour exceeded my expectations! From the content of the study tour, which is beneficial not only to those who are practitioners in the field of aromatherapy, distillation and the like but also to those who appreciate the culture and ethical practices, to Bulgarian hospitality- this was a very beautiful experience!!! Thank you to the organizers!! Splendid job! SOURCE:
Emma Gutierrez
The best Bulgarian study professional tour I have been in my life. Konstantin and Fillip create a very special synergy between community pickers, distillers producción, cosmética producción, we can appreciate every little detail that you guys do in a very professional way. I learned a lot. It is very helpful to improve my process distillation. Simply great. I am very happy to come to the Bulgarian professional study tour. I really recommend for everybody who is in the perfumery, cosmetic, aromatherapy business. Wonderful study tour. Incredibly well organised. Very professional.Interesting and useful. It is a very special way to learn ... READ FULL REVIEW HERE:
Ivonne Mosler
Administrative director
BUSINESS INSIGHT: pure and genuine collaboration with distilleries, farmers and flavor houses. All questions were replied and any of the speakers were extremely kind. ORGANIZATION: superb. Hotel and food at the top. Pick up from the airport extremely precise and organized. The tour is intense but the organization allowed for a moment of lectures, follow up by a practical visit to sites and even a more relaxing tour of the county of Bulgaria. GRUOP of 2018: extremely well fit and collaborative. In a few days, we achieve such a collaboration that was unexpected, connecting professionals of different markets in a different part of the world to speak, discuss and even find new potential relationships. I personally did not expect such success and such professionalism in these 5 days ... READ FULL REVIEW HERE:
Stefano Tonetti
I just came back from this study tour, and I must say Konstantin and his team were impeccable in ensuring that we are comfortable, food is really good (we have too much to eat at every meal) and good wine! We were treated more than VIP! My best take away from the trip is the extremely useful information that the distilleries shared willingly with us on the art and science of distilling rose oil and hydrosol, and not forgetting the fantastic experience frolicking in the rose fields, smelling, touching and picking the roses, as well meeting the rose pickers in their village. I would rate this much higher than 5 stars (with the organiser paying attention to all details big and small). READ FULL REVIEW HERE:
Adeline Lim