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This tour deserves all the stars you can give. It was an outstanding experience, the perfect combination of business, culture, leisure, socializing. I had not expected to go on a professional tour and feel like I was on vacation. The organizers did such an amazing job creating the perfect relaxed and friendly atmosphere that people from different continents, countries, and cultures, people who had never met before, felt like they had been friends forever, and not only we had fun but also shared valuable knowledge and information. READ FULL REVIEW HERE:
Ionut Bunea
I cannot believe it has been almost a month ago since I joined this tour. The organization was top-notch. This tour was a wonderful opportunity to touch the heart of the rose culture. It really was a great experience with great people in a great country. Definitely a 5 stars’ (or more if I could give) experience!! Thank you for everything and sorry for this late review, Konstantin! SOURCE:
Emika Kaji
I loved it! BST 2018 was amazing; a perfect combination of learning, cultural and holiday experiences. The itinerary was well balanced, the team was highly organised and very friendly. Working in the industry, the tour gives you deeper appreciation and understanding of the Bulgarian essential oils and other products. Hosting companies were very open and welcoming. SOURCE:
Peter Xiè
The study tour was an excellent way to both correct and confirm things learned in books and classes, but more importantly, it sent me home with not just more knowledge directly from the experts, but inspiration and appreciation for the story and the process behind the Rose oil. Truly, it made me understand its value- and definitely, now my standards for the rose oil are now much higher for my natural perfumery projects. SOURCE:
Ana Kamila G. Niguidula
The tour was absolutely amazing. Learning a lot of things, great food great people! Most importantly we appreciate the products more than before. SOURCE:
Megumi Okumura
Really excellent! Exceeded all my expectations: well organized, informative, fun. Could one ask for more from a tour ? Thanks a lot to the organizers to make this event really meaningful and memorable. SOURCE:
Anahit Markosian
The Bulgarian Professional Study Tour 2018 has been extremely enlightening and a wonderful experience. It was very well organised, full-on and I am extremely impressed with the hosts of the farms and production facilities who have been very forthcoming with information and the showcasing of their facilities and procedures. The study tour has been a great success and a highly worthy event. I wish to extend my appreciation to Filip, Konstantin and the team for making this wonderful event possible ... READ FULL REVIEW HERE:
Joe Ong
I have had a lot of fun during the days the study lasted. The study tour was very well organized. Which made it easy for us who participated. My knowledge about cultivation, distillation and extraction has deffinately increased after this trip. As much as I have learned from the study tour itself, have I also learned from the others who participated in the study tour. SOURCE:
Mark Engelholm
Can I give this more than 5 stars? I would if I could. And, everyone knows I can't make this short or I wouldn't be true to myself and the organizers. Imagine if you will: you’re an herbalist and aromatherapist with a passion for all things living, the natural world. But you’re also a motivated entrepreneur with a business that is growing, hungry for every opportunity to embrace what you live for, what you love. I can’t say more, because I don’t want to spoil all the fun for the next group but if you’ve ever considered a professional tour, Filip, Konstantin, Nikolai, Palmen, Karina and the rest of the crew did an amazing job ... READ FULL REVIEW HERE:
Jessica Wiehle