Two unique new majors in the field of rose production were presented in the Municipality of Kazanlak by the academic leadership of the Thracian University, headed by Assoc. Prof. Dobri Yarkov, PhD. The Bachelor's Degrees in Essential Oils in the Crop and Medical Cosmetics in Health Care will be brought to the attention of prospective students this fall. "They are entirely related to the activities of most of you and our region," Kazanlak Mayor Galina Stoyanova said in her welcome.

"We feel like hosting this meeting," said Assoc. Prof. Yarkov, and told of his good professional contacts with Kazanlak over the years. "The Thracian University is a very serious educational institution, with 6th place in budget and 9th in number of students among state universities," emphasized the new rector and briefly introduced the two majors. He assured that he would make every effort to have the students of Thracian University with strong practical training. "Open your businesses to our students so they can practice! So, when they finish, they can start work immediately. ", Called Assoc. Prof. Yarkov. "Business will participate in the learning process. You will also post training topics, "he said.

The host of the Rose Institute in Kazanlak also took part in the meeting.

In front of more than 40 rose producers in the region and 12th graders from all Kazanlak schools, Assoc. Yarkov drew attention to the new opportunities, which aim to prepare competent specialists in the branch to meet the needs of the labor market and are coordinated with the Ministry of Education. The syllabuses have already been approved and work is underway on masters programs to continue the qualification of specialists, said Assoc. Prof. Nelly Grozeva, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at the University's leadership.

In January 2020, the National Assembly finally adopted the long-awaited Oil Rose Act, which introduces regulation and protection of the industry. At the end of last year, UNESCO recognized Bulgaria's Rosa Damascena as part of the world's real estate. The achieved recognition for the precious flower - a symbol of Bulgaria opens new horizons for the business to advertise on the world market the qualities of rose oil products and to take their worthy place.